Returning to Huddersfield University

Turtle and Hare was founded by two reunited university pals. After graduating we both went on to work with global clients and on national campaigns. We quickly learnt our true passion was building relationships with independent brands and start ups.

Returning to Huddersfield University was a fun trip down memory lane.

In our first session, after showing final year Graphic Design BA students some of our journey and processes, we had the chance to review their final major projects and personal portfolios. Meeting industry designers was not only a massive help, but a huge inspiration for us during our time as students, so it was nice to return the favor.

Returning to Huddersfield University

Our second session was a group ideas session, coming up with ideas to answer the yearly D&AD Young Blood Award briefs. We helped students push their creative ideas to the limits and encouraged the students to have fun with their work. 

There were lots of really creative and exciting ideas coming out of the students, which was inspirational for us. We wish all the students the best as they grow into wonderful creatives.