Old Logo Designs

A collection of un-used, un-finished, logo design concepts. When we launched we were trading for around six months without a logo, stuck in our own heads with, what should our logo be? Eventually, we settled with, less is more. Often we approached with quick turn around projects, and this is a good example of how time can be your friend when designing brands.

Why do we create our own content?

We’re actively conscious of our choices that impact the planet and make every effort reduce our footprint at home and in the office. We hold these values at the core of the business. Our long term goal was always to effect positive change with our collective skillset, and Figures has become our way of highlighting these environmental issues, promoting the practices and processes involved in creating long term solution.

Northern Bloc – 100% Plant Based Packaging

New innovative packaging technology allowed NBoC to launch their vegan ice cream range in 100% plastic free, biodegradable paper tubs. Other “paper” tubs on the market are often lined with plastic, which, after use, are energy intensive to separate and recycle. As it stands there isn’t the facility or model to recycle these tubs sustainability in the UK.

Meet the Chef : Eddie Sheppard

Photography study of chef Eddie Sheps and his unique underground restaurant, Walled Gardens, in Manchester, serving a modern 12 course tasting menu in an informal atmosphere. All the food is prepared and served by the chef in his home for just 8 diners per night.

Malaysia Shop Fronts

With 2019 drawing to a close, projects for 2020 are slowly taking shape here at Turtle and Hare, in particular building the brand for a new street food business and their Peranakan supper club concept. We took a journey with our photographer and co-founder of West Yorkshire Cameras, Tom Horton to capture some of the things we had grown to love in Northern Malaysia.

Beck & Call Drone Footage

We added drone footage to our Beck & Call first look video. The drone footage captures the size of the pub from above. Showcasing the large beer garden and outdoor kids adventure play was important as its a large part of the business offering.

Protected : Cultural Design Research

Research is a huge part of our process. Time spent in books, gathering primary and secondary source materials, asking the right people the right questions means our visual language for each project is built upon an authentic foundation. It’s then with the correct tools and colour palettes we start the design journey with our clients.

Our Workshop

We started in home offices, hot-desking and in co-working spaces, however now we work out of our workshop in Aire Street Workshops. It's home to our favorite books, collectibles, prints and projects we've worked on. We recently took some photos of our space after doing some renovations over the last eight months.

waterlane boathouse taco and tequila video leeds

Tequila & Tacos at Waterlane Boathouse

Waterlane Boathouse asked us to capture their Taco & Tequila street food event on video, as part of their summer series scheduling. A whole day dedicated to the national drink of Mexico. Featuring street food from Ox Club, Smoqued, Low N Slow, and live music Mariachi Loco.

Making Good Ground

This spring we were part of a project that aims to tackle the sustainability issue of single use coffee cups and the crazy amount which ends up in the incinerator and contributes massively to pollution.