Leeds Library

Leeds International Festival is a celebration of new ideas and innovation. World leading thinkers, creators, and pioneers come to Leeds to share new ideas and discuss the world of tomorrow. For Leeds International Festival 2020 we were asked to create multiple videos to accompany an event discussing the future of narrative.

ARCHIVE Bundobust

On a mission to not waste an opportunity to increase brand awareness, we created an iconic set of GIFs for Bundobust’s Instagram that could adorn the stories, streams and feeds of Bundo’s loyal, engage customer base.

bubble up map and programme event design

ARCHIVE Bubble Up Event Brand

As we update our website we have to say goodbye to certain proejcts. Here is our branding work for Bubble up, a city wide water themed arts event in West Yorkshire.

Chefs, Restaurants and Street Food.

Munchies is something we used to post on Instagram once a month. It is a collection of images saved on Instagram from our favorite restaurants, chefs, independent businesses, and street food vendors. We've moved it to the blog now. Sit back and enjoy, don’t blame your hunger on us.

Sustainable Independent Brands

We want to share some awesome independent sustainable brands we are big fans of. These brands have sustainability at the core of their business and are inspiring a better future for everyone.

Food and Sustainability Podcasts

A lot of us are still working from home, and some of us are missing the office pitter patter. Conversations are launching pads for ideas, and the last year has been a creative challenge for everyone. Staying inspired is vital for our business and this is where a podcast can really help. We wanted to share three podcasts that have kept us inspired, furthered our knowledge, and sparked new ideas over the last year.

Street Food Dishes

Many hours have been spent looking at youtube videos of street food. No documentaries, no voiceovers, just videos of day-to-day happenings across the world. We like to think we’ve collected some really good ones over the years, and since we are missing eating out so much, we thought it would be a good chance to share some of these with you.


ARCHIVE Pumped Beer – Crowdfunding Campaign

The rise of craft beer over recent years has not only highlighted the triumph of flavour, taste and expertise over mass-market blandness, but has also made a new audience aware of the unique and artisan approach to marketing and packaging—the craft of visual language.

Malaysian Supperclub business adapts for Covid-19

When supper clubs aren’t been hosted, cook at home meal kits mirror that supper club experience at home.⁠ Cooking sauces, apparel and lifestyle products encourage the audience to engage further with the brand, bringing flavors and style of Peranakan culture into their homes. ⁠

marc the printers recycled paper stock

Printing Needn’t Cost The Earth

We have been fooled in the past with claims of recycled paper and eco friendly printing, to only find out the whole process has been green washed. Although a totally ‘green’ printing process is yet to be developed, Marc the printers is doing everything it their power to clean up the process