ARCHIVE Bundobust

GIFs are fun. Fact. Who would have thought this ancient file format would return from the ashes of web 1.0 and be the visual pop that now embellishes a large portion of digital communication. For Leeds’ legends, Bundobust, we created and delivered a pack of GIFs to bolster their brand message, have fun, and generate attention-grabbing engagement.

On a mission to not waste an opportunity to increase brand awareness, we created an iconic set of GIFs for Bundobust’s Instagram that could adorn the stories, streams and feeds of Bundo’s loyal, engage customer base.

Time and rhyme again we kept seeing large brands using any old unrelated GIF accompanying their message. To us it was all decoration, no meaningful promotion; and all drawing from the same digital libraries as their customer.

It was now time for Bundobust do the same, aiming to boost social engagement and add a personalised flare to their posts. Our challenge was to create an iconic set of GIFs for Instagram that would interact and engage with styles of content currently created by their followers.

The client’s wish, and our outcome, was to give customers the opportunity to share their experience of the restaurant with their peer groups. Bundobust can utilise the GIF set to promote current news and updates while customers can effortlessly become brand ambassadors directly from the app, no third party download required.

Our takeaway from this project was – no, not the Combo For 2 – but: don’t be daunted to work with movement and form in new, engaging ways – spicy!