Piece Hall

Located a small stone’s throw from Halifax’s wrought iron train station, the Grade 1 listed Piece Hall is a rare and precious thing, an 1779 architectural and cultural phenomenon that is absolutely unique to the North.

In their interactive heritage space, ‘The Piece Hall Story’ welcomes you in to discover the history behind and uses for this iconic building, and its importance in the world’s woollen trade. Try on period costumes, get up close and hands on with exhibits, and listen to the heritage guides as they take you on a fascinating, fact-filled tour.

In order to promote their heritage tours, we were asked to capture the experience of a guided tour, focussing on the friendly, knowledgeable guides as they delve into The Piece Hall’s captivating past and well as the Hall’s bright future.

The videos interspersed highlights from the tour with photographs from the archives, and bared witness to the spectacular Chow Down food festival series, big musical live acts, and lots of b-role of Northerners having heaps of fun!

Nothing beats planning in advance. We filmed the Piece Hall’s Christmas video a year in advance because, well, nobody likes to work at Christmas. We edited together video from a diverse range of events from the Spiegeltent performances, the outdoor market to Card Ninja, House of Burlesque, Jacqui Dankworth & Charlie Wood and more.Our videos were used to give a taster of what would be expected from The Piece Hall Christmas schedule and drum up excitement for the performances.