Sustainable Independent Brands

We want to share some awesome independent sustainable brands we are big fans of. These brands have sustainability at the core of their business and are inspiring a better future for everyone. Check them out :

Badger and Birch

Hazel is a maker of sustainable homeware and décor. She recently contributed to the G7 summit in Cornwall. We love these oyster candles using discarded oyster shells.

Cornish Crab Co.

It is important that we celebrate British produce that is correctly sourced. Real Cornish Crab Co are suppliers of fresh, hand-picked, Cornish crab.

Rapanui Clothing


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We recently stocked our wardrobes with Rapanui Clothing.  They offer sustainable fashion on the Isle of White. All their clothing is designed to be sent back once it is worn out. They use organic farming, sustainable energy and deliver everything in plastic-free packaging.

Shell on Earth


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A family business based out of New Quay, Wales. Shell on Earth recycles sustainably sourced whelk shells for plant pot top dressing and deterring slugs in the garden. Also, their packaging is beautiful.

For Peats Sake


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A sustainable alternative to peat compost.  This growing medium is made from sustainably manufactured coconut husk.


We recently worked on a project with sustainably focused Zero Muda. A re-fill shop with a social mission using circular suppliers.

See the full project below