Street Food Dishes

Many hours have been spent looking at youtube videos of street food. No documentaries, no voiceovers, just videos of day-to-day happenings across the world. We like to think we’ve collected some really good ones over the years, and since we are missing eating out so much, we thought it would be a good chance to share some of these with you.

Bread Pakora.

Chapli Kebab.

This is the first time we had seen a chapli kebab made in the traditional way – it’s something you don’t see in restaurants. However, Abaseen, Bradford and Chopan, Leeds do come close. Originating from Pakistan a chapli kebab is seasoned minced buffalo meat with bone marrow, cooked over fire, and fried in animal fat.

Strawberry Milk 

We went through a phase of watching many ‘A day in the life of a Korean Cafe’ vlogs. That’s where we found Korean strawberry milk. So simple but delivered in an amazing way. 


Lambi Matka Roti

Have you ever heard anything like this? We love when the process is as spectacular as the final dish! 


As the street food trend burnt through the skies like a comet, we find ourselves concerned about its future in the U.K. As many businesses launched to capitalise off of the boom something was lost that makes street food special. To us, street food is fast-paced and exciting, it should be a celebration of a dish, exciting techniques, fresh ingredients, and traditional cooking methods. We know times are hard, but to us, frozen food and pre-bought sauces have no place at a street food market. 

We are constantly on the hunt for the best street food traders, takeaways, and restaurants. If you have any suggestions we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch at or DM us on Instagram