Why do we create our own content?

For the last couple of years, tucked away at the back of Aire St. Studios, Turtle & Hare Studios have been busy producing the full gamut of design work for our client list. In the storm of social media management and video production, in our quest to create exciting visual identities for passionate, independent food and drink brands, we’ve had to put a myriad of passion projects on the back—back—burner.

Over at Brain Pickings we remember reading an article regarding the merits of sitting on ideas—on observing an ‘incubation period’. Being busy with client work, acquiring new production skills and valuable contacts in the meantime, has allowed some of these ideas to gestate into more robust, commercially viable projects.

Episode one of our new docu-series Figures is now available for you to watch, like and share. Figures explores the sustainable practice and creative processes of small, independent businesses, addressing key environmental issues through engaging stories and characters.

Why Figures? Why now? The answer is simple: our environment. Here at Turtle & Hare we’ve made many changes in our personal lives to live more sustainably. We’re actively conscious of our choices that impact the planet and make every effort reduce our footprint at home and in the office. We hold these values at the core of the business. Our long term goal was always to effect positive change with our collective skillset, and Figures has become our way of highlighting these environmental issues, promoting the practices and processes involved in creating long term solution

For our first episode we teamed up with Northern Bloc Ice Cream on their mission to become the first UK ice cream brand to use 100% plastic free packaging. If you want to stay updated with series, please head over to our Youtube channel and hit subscribe, or sling us a follow on Instagram.