Client: Bundobust

GIFs. No one would have believed that in 2020 this seemingly ancient file format would be at the forefront of online communication. Yet, Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat each have their own libraries stocked with thousands of them, rivalling the use of emoji’s. GIFs are fun, they are attention grabbing and they now play an exciting role in delivering brand messaging.

We adopted a playful illustration style, commonly associated with gifs. Exaggerated brand attributes and enhanced colours with lively, energetic animations, allowed us to create a series of eye-catching GIFs.

The outcome is for Bundbust to easily create branded content on the go. Stockists can improve current promotions and followers can effortlessly become brand ambassadors, directly in the app.

Once a place to throw up a quick photo, these ‘24-hour and they’re gone’ style posts have become one of the most existing places for brands to engage with their audience.


Instagram encourages users to use and engage with new tech on the app and also rewards the brands embrace it. By creating more visually engaging content Northern Bloc will boost their interaction on these platforms.