Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp all have their own libraries, stacked to the digital rafters with GIF's, giving users a chance to enhance their content with expression and entertainment. GIFS are fun, attention grabbing and now play an exciting role in delivering brand messaging.

Northern Bloc asked us to create a set of GIFs all of their own, with the aim to boost social engagement and add a personalised flare to their posts. Our challenge was to create an iconic set of GIFs for Instagram that would interact and engage with styles of content currently created by their followers.


Social Media Design


Animation by Damon Stead

We adopted a playful illustration style, exaggerated brand attributes and enhanced colours with lively, energetic animations. This approach allowed us to create a series of eye-catching GIFs suitable for a wide range of content from selfies to location-based posts.

Looking beyond ice cream trucks, ice cream tubs and apparels, we introduced Northern Bloc’s mascot Scoop into the mix. Scoop allowed use to easily communicate the brand’s core messaging and interactive elements to encourage specific styles of posting as well as put a face to the name.

The outcome for this set of GIFs is for Northern Bloc, their stockists and customers to create branded content on the go. Stockists can improve current promotions and followers can effortlessly become brand ambassadors directly from the app easily and hassle from, with no third party download required.

Once a place to throw up a quick photo, these ‘24-hour and they’re gone’ style posts have become one of the most existing places for brands to engage with their audience.

By creating more visually engaging content Northern Bloc will boost their interaction on these platforms, allowing us to have to fun with colour, form and movement in the process.

Northern Bloc
Northern Bloc

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