Turtle and Hare were approached by Tom of Doh’Hut to create and roll out a series of premium quality videos for his street food business. He wanted this content to showcase his passion for donuts, his respect for locally sourced ingredients and the love for his customers.

To tell the story of Doh’Hut we followed Tom on his journey from the northern heat of the British Street Food Award to the finals in London—in which he was triumphant. This story took the form of a short documentary and was accompanied by a series of short social media videos showcasing specific menu items.

This foray into long form storytelling allowed us to delve deeper into the business venture of Doh’Hut. We challenged ourselves technically, shooting quick on locations from motorways to dairy farms, small kitchen spaces to podium places. We were able to use our camera to investigate what happens when hard work and commitment meets passion and skill—the ultimate independent start up story.

Doh’Hut had a story to tell and we had the skill to capture it. We were able to distill months of footage into a visually succinct story for a variety of formats, with an aim to reach the largest of audiences. Doh’Hut went on to successfully gain investment and will be opening their cafe in 2019.