Chef Tim Longden was eager to bring what he had learnt from authentic Jamaican cuisine over to the UK and introduce West Yorkshire to real yard cooking.

Our brief was to capture the versatility of Soul Shack from cooking on fire in the woods, using oil drums and car rims and street food events, or for a seven-course supper club.

For Soul Shack we used reclaimed driftwood, oil drums and used zinc roofing as a large part of the brand identity. These experiential factors—burning pimento wood under a hot zinc roof, fresh herbs in tin cans—reinforced the realities of the island-style social eating culture that Longden enjoyed cooking for.

Video has allowed us to capture the full visual experience of Longden’s intricate culinary skills and share it with his growing network. Our confident filmmaking aesthetic and intricate use of storytelling lets us weave the personal with the professional, the magical with the awe-inspiring.

His passion for healthy and spicy food connects the brand to the customer. Trying and sharing new dishes are encouraged—and with regular menu changes the customer is never bored, every return visit turning into another unique experience.

We continue to work with Tim and the ever evolving Soul Shack brand. If you would like to see our full case study click the image below or find out where you can taste their food on their instagram page.