Since 2014 Northern Bloc have been on a mission to create, craft, and distribute the UK’s tastiest natural ice cream. For six years they’ve tweaked recipes, honed palettes, and conjured up flavour combos such as pink grapefruit and bergamot to vegan hazelnut and rose.

This year Northern Bloc are on a new mission: become the first ice cream company in the country to have 100% plant based plastic free packaging.Our video series Figures took a look at the new, innovative, 100% plastic free, biodegradable paper packaging launched by NBoC Ice Cream. Other “paper” tubs on the market are often lined with plastic, which, after use, are energy intensive to separate and recycle. As it stands there isn’t the facility to recycle these tubs sustainability in the UK.


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Animation by Damon Stead

Northern Bloc
Northern Bloc

Northern Bloc are making these small steps in a world of big business. Their sensible approach to future proofing expanding product lines is evidence of their commitment to both their customers and their planet. The small team behind Northern Bloc are addressing every aspect of their business in terms of sustainability, looking for innovative new ways to serve you moreish ice cream

To see the creative work we have completed for Northern Bloc click the video below.